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Americas United Bank
801 N. Brand Blvd., Suite 1150
Glendale CA 91203-1284
(818)637-7048   Fax: (818)637-7059
Ms. Amy Navarrete, Vice President
Other Contacts: Mr. Gil Damau, President/CEO, Jeffrey Pollard, CFO, Manuel Remon, Mr. George Sevilla, Regional Vice President

Map  Member Since 2010 


Bank of America
15821 Ventura Blvd., Suite 430
Encino CA 91436-4794
(818)464-1528   Fax: (800)678-2062
Mr. Troy Bosch, Senior Vice President
Other Contacts: Angel Alban, Lydia Andonian, Banking Ctr. Manager, Ms. Lidia Bailey, Mr. Mark Beltran, Retail Sales Manager, Mr. Steve Block, Senior Vice President, Mr. Balfoure Brenes, Vice President, Garrett Gin, Senior Vice President, Mr. Mark Kaeller, Vice President, Michael Kimball, SVP; Government Relations Manager, Irwin Moskowitz, Banking Ctr. Manager, Lorette Pena, EA to Troy Bosch, Jodie Pfleger, Vice President, Mr. Wes Roberts, Vice President, Mr. David Sada, SVP, Senior Client Manager, Bassem Zraikat, Vice President

Map  Member Since 2007 


Bank of the West
300 S. Grand Ave., Ste 700
Los Angeles CA 90071-3109
(213)972-0430   Fax: (213)972-0650
Jason Horstman, Vice President - Commercial Banking
Other Contacts: Mr. Dennis Condon, Vice President, Mike Connelly, Business Banking Officer, Mr. Dennis Fors, Senior Vice President & Manager, Debrah Gentz, Vice President/Sr/ Relationship Manager, Mr. David Martin, Joe Mauriello, Vice President / Sr. Relationship Manag, Judi Vogel, Vice President

Map  Member Since 2003 


California United Bank
15821 Ventura Blvd., Ste. 100
Encino CA 91436-5263
(818)257-7775   Fax: (818)257-7701
David Rainer, President & CEO
Other Contacts: Robert Dennen, CFO, Lynn Fernandez, Relationship Manager, Debra Gentz, Vice President, Emily Hamilton, HR, Roseann Maggio, Jodi Martinez, Executive Assistant, Mr. Michael Richman, Marketing & Communications, Anne Williams, Chief Credit Officer

Map  Member Since 2004 


City National Bank
15260 Ventura Blvd., 16th Floor
Sherman Oaks CA 91403-5307
(818)382-1506   Fax: (818)382-1502
Scott Aney, Senior Vice President & Regional Manager
Other Contacts: Michael Afkhami, VP Branch Manager Sherman Oaks, Kathi Atkinson, VP Branch Manager Universal City, Mr. Victor Berrellez, Vice President, Ms. Marcia Cevallos-Hoffer, Vice President, Bruce Dart, Commercial Banking Services, Brian Fitzwilliam, Senior VP Branch Manager Woodland Hills, Greg Glover, Senior VP, Regional Branch Manager, Randy Guerrero, VP Branch Manager Sun Valley, Lee Huffman, Vice President, Douglas Lies, Relationship Manager, Anna Markarian, VP Branch Manager Studio City, Mr. Thomas Miller, Exeuctive Vice President, Margie Minter, VP Branch Manager Chatsworth, Ms. Elizabeth Prudente, Senior Administrative Specialist, Peter Rosenberg, VP Private Client Services, Monika Rye, VP Branch Manager Encino, Adam Smith, VP Private Client Services, Mr. Cary Walker, Senior Vice President, John Zieglgansberger, Senior VP & Manager, Commercial Banking

Map  Member Since 2000 


Comerica Bank
15303 Ventura Blvd., Ste. 100
Sherman Oaks CA 91403-3180
(818)379-2926   Fax: (818)379-2902
Ray Boyadjian, Sr. Vice President - Western Division
Other Contacts: Ms. Isabel Barreiro, Corporate Banking Officer, Ms. Rene Carrion, Business Development Officer, Dorothy Cornett, Mr. Geoff Matthews, Vice President, Mr. Vahe Medzoyan, Vice President, Rosie Mercado, Assistant Vice President - Western Marke, Gloria Miller, Vice President, Brock Mullins, Vice President-Western Division, Ms. Karen Paz, Corporate Marketing

Map  Member Since 1999 


East West Bank
18321 Ventura Blvd.
Tarzana CA 91356-4228
(818)708-6745   Fax: (818)774-2677
Mr. John Stipanov, Senior Vice President
Other Contacts: Meredith Esarey, Business Development, Katy Stark, Vice President, Mr. Edwin Vega, Business Development Officer, Mr. Gordon M. de Lang, Regional Manager

Map  Member Since 2002 


First Bank
17000 Ventura Blvd., Suite 103
Encino CA 91316-4150
(818)905-2000   Fax: (818)905-2039
Ms. Michelle Seukunian, Area Manager
Other Contacts: Walter Bakly, Ms. Yvonne Huffman, Vice President - Business Development, Ms. Jane Lief, Regional Manager, Matt Wycoff

Map  Member Since 2009 


First California Bank
21550 Oxnard Street, Suite 100
Woodland Hills CA 91367
(818)449-7700   Fax: (818)449-7701
Mr. Jeff Moore, Vice President & Relationship Manager
Other Contacts: Ms. Velvet Dunbar, Senior Vice President

Map  Member Since 2011 


Pacific Western Bank
21600 Oxnard Street, Suite 270
Woodland Hills CA 91367
(818)610-2768   Fax: (818)332-4953
Eric Baird, Vice President
Other Contacts: Ms. Karen Brown, Senior Vice President, Velvet Dunbar, Vice President, David Gonzalez, Assistant Vice President, William Hanna, Exec Vice President, Patricia Thompson Derry, Senior Vice President, Linda Treichler, Vice President

Map  Member Since 2007 


US Bank
15910 Ventura Blvd., #1712
Encino CA 91436-2837
(818)817-7233   Fax: (818)789-3041
Darrell Brown, Senior Vice President
Other Contacts: Bruce Chik, Senior Vice President, Mr. Anthony Deluca, Vice President, Stephanie Foster, Branch Manager, David Friedman, Vice President - District Manager, Mr. Jan Hannssen, Vice President, Jeffrey Heisinger, Vice President, Timothy Hicks, Vice President, Daniel Lykken, Senior Vice President, Ms. Cathy Mariano, Vice President, Ms. Claudia Martinez, Branch Manager, Michelle Mayer, Region Administration, Ms. Jill McCullough, Vice President, Mr. Michael Patterson, Senior Project Manager, Kim Razi, Project Manager, Mr. Christopher Saldana, Relationship Manager, Ms. Kuldip Singh, Branch Manager, Gary Terrasi, Vice President, Mr. Jerry Trahan, Vice President, Lila Tran, Executive Assistant to Darell Brown, Mr. George Weimer, Assistant Vice President

Map  Member Since 2005 


Wells Fargo
15760 Ventura Blvd., Suite 1510
Encino CA 91436-3026
(818)380-6634   Fax: (818)990-1604
Ms. Marla Vasquez, Regional President
Other Contacts: Mr. Robert Baghdasarian, Brokerage Associate, Mr. Andrew Bunnin, Vice President, Mr. Gabriel Calderon, Store Manager, Ms. Melissa Canavello, Store Manager, Brian Carrico, Dennies Clapp, Regional Private Banker, Ms. Lorraine Crawford, Vice President, Mr. Clint Creado, Senior Vice President, Julie Davenport II, AVP, Reg'l Emergency Mgr, Ms. Karineh Davoodian, Premier Banker, Mr. Sandeep Dhiman, Vice President, Mr. Greg Fioresi, Mr. Scott Hansen, Senior Vice President, Borany Kang, Marketing Consultant, Ms. Sania Kazimi, Vice President, Mr. Edward Kim, Assistant Vice President, Mr. Ryan Liebling, Assistant Vice President, Private Banker, Ms. Jovanna Madrid, Business Banking Specialist, Lefky Mansi, Community Banking President, Jelena Marincic, Mr. Tim Meichtry, Commercial Loan Officer, Mr. Jerry Nazareno, Business Banking Consultant, Ms. Lynn Nguyen, Business Banking Specialist, Mr. Mathew Obergfoll, Vice President, Mr. Gary Oliphant, Vice President, Mr. Carlos Orellana, Business Banking Specialist, Mr. Jason Otto, Business Banking Specialist, Mr. Jude Overo, Buisness Development Officer, Mr. Alfredo Pedroza, Dir., CA Local Gov't Relations, Mr. Anthony Pena, Vice President, Mr. Steve Pro, Personal Banker, Mr. Joe Ravens, Vice President, Ms. Liliana Reynoso, Business Deposit Consultant, Mr. Brian Richardson, Vice President, Mr. Michael Richter, Assistant Vice President, Mr. Gus Rodriquez, AVP Branch Manager, Mr. Douglas Rosenthal, Senior Vice President, Mr. Jason Sands, Assistant Vice President, William Schenck, Senior vice President & Manager, Mr. Jamal Shofani, Vice President, Ms. Carolina Tomasino, Branch Manager, Mr. Raul Vasquez, Vice President, Mr. Ricardo Villarreal, Vice President, Haley Warden, Assisant to Marla, Mr. James Watson, Assistant Vice President, Mr. Paul Whitney, Senior Vice President, Ms. Kerri Zarriello, Vice President

Map  Member Since 2001 

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