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Gabler, Brian City of Simi Valley (805)583-6701(805)526-2489 
Gabrielian, Anita AT&T (213)743-7080(213)745-8276 
Gagan, Michael Kindel Gagan (213)624-1550(213)688-1550 
Gagnon, Janet SolarWorld California LLC (805)388-6550(805)388-6395 
Gaines, Fred Gaines & Stacey, LLP (818)933-0200(818)933-0222 
Gallagher, Matthew Cerrell Associates, Inc. (323)466-3445(323)466-8653 
Gallardo, Laura Kaiser Permanente (818)375-3861(818)375-3881 
Galperin, Ron Law Offices of Ron S. Galperin (310)278-6831(310)278-6841 
Galstian, Christina Renta-CEO (818)596-2332(818)334-5053 
Gamba, Jairo D' Cache' Restaurant (818)506-9600(818)505-1497 
Gamba, Patty D' Cache' Restaurant (818)506-9600(818)505-1497 
Gamez, Desi USI of Southern California Insurance Services, Inc. (818)251-3027(818)251-1890 
Gammel, Matt Gensler (310)449-5687(310)449-5850 
Ganguli, Pom Pom South Coast Air Quality Management District (909)396-3185(909)396-3933 
Garcia, Carolina Daily News of Los Angeles (818)713-3639(818)713-3764 
Garcia, Jaime Hospital Association of Southern California (213)538-0702(213)629-4272 
Garcia, Rafael Allied Waste (818)833-6503(818)362-5484 
Garrido, Marisol Kaiser Permanente (818)267-2228(818)667-2203 
Garrison, Alma Airtel Plaza Hotel & Conference Center (818)263-8304(818)780-2445 
Garrison, James Pacific Federal Insurance Corp. (818)243-0222(818)243-0390 
Gastelum, Art Gateway Science & Engineering, Inc. (626)696-1600(626)696-1630 
Gastelum, Christine Gateway Science & Engineering, Inc. (626)696-1600(626)696-1630 
Gastwirt, Janeese T. Providence Health & Services (818)708-5667(818)708-5565 
Geere, Stacy The Geere Group (661)253-1059(661)253-3576 
Gelb, Lisa Gelb Enterprises/RMG Properties (818)377-2277(818)377-2271 
Gelb, Rickey Gelb Enterprises/RMG Properties (818)377-2277(818)377-2271 
Gembala, Denise Sheraton Universal Hotel (818)509-2750(818)509-0605 
Gensemer, David Westfield Corporation, Inc (310)689-5696(310)893-4780 
Gentz, Debra California United Bank (818)284-5657(818)257-7701 
Gentz, Debrah Bank of the West (818)728-3626(818)728-3603 
Gertler, Josh Consensus Inc. (213)438-1755(213)438-1764 
Gertler, Julie Consensus Inc. (213)438-1755(213)438-1764 
Getachew, Ayahlushim Thomas Properties Group, Inc. (213)613-1900(213)633-4760 
Ghoukassian, Ani Van Nuys Airport (818)908-5950(818)908-5963 
Gil, Bill Facey Medical Foundation (818)365-9531 
Gilbert, Kathy New Hampshire Ball Bearings, Inc. (818)407-9300(818)727-9719 
Gill, Victor Bob Hope Airport (818)840-8840(818)840-8213 
Gillon, Yoli Airtel Plaza Hotel & Conference Center (818)997-7676(818)901-1997 
Gilmore, Susan Metro (213)922-7287(213)922-7464 
Gilstrap, Michelle Universal City - North Hollywood Chamber (818)508-5155(818)508-5156 
Gin, Garrett Bank of America (213)621-3681(800)678-2062 
Glenn, Tammy California State University, Northridge (818)677-5824(818)677-2140 
Glover, Greg City National Bank (805)981-2759(818)382-1502 
Golar, Vicky USI of Southern California Insurance Services, Inc. (818)251-3000(818)251-1890 
Goldberg, David Latham & Watkins (213)485-1234(213)891-8763 
Goldberg, Mark USI of Southern California Insurance Services, Inc. (818)251-3035(818)251-1835 
Goldberg, Susan UltraGlas, Inc (818)772-7744(818)772-8231 
Goldfarb, Erin California State University, Northridge (818)677-4417(818)677-2254 
Goldman, Melissa Alzheimer's Association (323)938-3379(323)938-1036 
Goldman, Morrie Urban Solutions LLC (213)689-4745(213)627-3859 
Goldschmidt, David LA Inc. The Convention and Visitors Bureau (213)236-2312(213)452-1412 
Goldsmith, Dale Armbruster Goldsmith & Delvac, LLP (310)209-8800(310)209-8801 
Goldstein, Cliff Goldstein Planting Investments (310)556-2300(310)828-8517 
Gomez, Maricela Paramount Pictures Corporation (323)956-4225(323)862-0422 
Gomez, Nancy Northeast Valley Health Corporation (818)898-1388(818)270-9592 
Gonzalez, David Pacific Western Bank (805)383-7909(818)332-4953 
Gonzalez, Ruben Englander Knabe & Allen (213)741-1500(213)747-4900 
Gonzalez, Susana Vulcan Materials Company (323)474-3332(323)258-3289 
Gorham, Keith NBCUniversal (818)777-2262(818)866-2601 
Gotlieb, Larry KB Home (310)231-4239(310)231-4280 
Gracia, Patricia Power Media Group, Inc. (661)268-4805(661)430-5491 
Gracia, Tony Power Media Group, Inc. (661)268-4608(661)430-5491 
Grair, Joyce Habitat for Humanity (818)884-8808(818)884-8838 
Granpeesheh, Doreen Center for Autism & Related Disorders, Inc. (818)345-2345(818)758-8016 
Grant, Adam Alpert, Barr & Grant, APLC (818)881-5000(818)881-1150 
Gray, Brenda MHE Enterprises Inc./Woodcrest Schools (818)708-2710(818)708-1944 
Gray, John Autry National Center (323)667-2000(323)660-5721 
Gray, Larry SEC Civil Engineers, Inc. (818)782-2788(818)782-0111 
Greco, Barbara Pacific Coast Civil, Inc. (818)865-4168(818)865-4198 
Green, Aaron The Afriat Consulting Group, Inc. (818)450-2779(818)558-7688 
Green, Daniel Latham & Watkins (213)891-8016(213)891-8763 
Green, Donovan AT&T (213)743-7006(213)745-8278 
Green, Larry Westfield Corporation, Inc (310)575-6036(310)893-4780 
Green, Virginia Valley College (415)577-1400(818)947-2620 
Greenberg, Earle L/B/W Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. (661)713-2322(661)702-7440 
Greenfield, Debra ABC - Learn, Inc. (818)256-0044(818)256-0046 
Greenfield, Norman ABC - Learn, Inc. (818)256-0044(818)256-0046 
Greer, Michael Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market (310)648-9108(310)341-1501 
Gremillion, Jason Trammell Crow Company (310)407-1603(310)407-1656 
Griffin, Damon Woodbury University (818)252-5228(818)767-3470 
Griffin, John Green Energy Consultants, LLC (805)338-6036 
Grijalva, Fabian Precision Dynamics Corporation (818)897-1111(818)899-5592 
Gritzner, Lisa Cerrell Associates, Inc. (323)466-3445(323)466-8653 
Gross, Ashlea Morton's The Steakhouse (818)703-7979(818)703-7994 
Gross, Karen Time Warner Cable (818)407-3103(818)998-0858 
Groveman, Barry City of Calabasas (818)224-1607(818)225-7308 
Gubler, Leron Hollywood Chamber of Commerce (323)469-8311(323)469-2805 
Guerra, John Southern California Gas Company (213)244-4424(213)244-3505 
Guerrero, Alex Tower General Contractors (818)768-3530(818)768-3534 
Guerrero, Randy City National Bank (818)252-3040(818)382-1502 
Gullickson, Jeff USI of Southern California Insurance Services, Inc. (818)251-3002(818)251-1502 
Gupta, Arti ACS, A Xerox Company (213)439-6219(213)688-0807 
Gutierrez, Benjamin Consensus Inc. (213)438-1755(213)438-1764 
Guttierrez, William Coldwell Banker (818)701-1000(818)701-5000 

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