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Waade, Linda Metropolitan Water District (213)217-7747(213)217-5704 
Waggoner, Jason Star Waggons (818)367-5946(818)362-1448 
Waggoner, Keyshala Van Nuys Airport (818)908-5950(818)908-5963 
Wahab, Ben Shangri La Construction (310)553-7700(310)553-7707 
Walker, Cary City National Bank (213)673-7615(213)673-7622 
Walker, Miya MWW Group (213)486-6560(213)486-6501 
Walker, Terry Providence Health & Services (818)953-4436(818)953-4490 
Wall, Michael Northridge Hospital Medical Center (818)885-5321(818)885-5439 
Wallace, Walter Granada Hills Charter High School (818)360-2361(818)363-8471 
Walser, Cindy Sony Pictures Entertainment (310)244-2165(310)244-2467 
Warden, Haley Wells Fargo (818)380-6636(818)990-1604 
Waronek, Mark Ek & Ek (310)732-7900(310)732-0242 
Washburn, Carol Calabasas Chamber of Commerce (818)222-5680(818)222-5690 
Washburn, Dennis City of Calabasas (818)224-1607(818)225-7308 
Wasserman, Ed Daktronics, Inc. (818)999-5159(818)999-6359 
Watkins, Larry South Coast Air Quality Management District (909)396-3246(909)396-3879 
Watrous, Kathy State Farm Insurance (310)568-5826(310)568-5386 
Watsabaugh, Dennis Thomas Properties Group, Inc. (213)613-1900(213)633-4760 
Watson, James Wells Fargo (626)919-6608(626)919-2909 
Weaver, Keith Sony Pictures Entertainment (310)244-2187(310)244-2467 
Webb, Robert Chaminade College Preparatory (818)360-0615(818)363-8491 
Weber, Jasmine Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP (213)683-5599(213)627-0705 
Weimer, George US Bank (818)817-7234(818)501-0681 
Weinkopf, Chris Daily News of Los Angeles (818)713-3766(818)713-3723 
Weinstein, Dan GRID Partners (310)773-0074(310)773-0079 
Weinstein, Jason The Tech Consultants, LLC (818)206-2149(818)276-1894 
Weintraub, Richard Sportsmen's Lodge Hotel & Event Center (310)457-8960 
Weiss, Wendy Aadlen Bros. Auto Wrecking (818)504-1091(818)504-4922 
Welch, Michael G. New Hampshire Ball Bearings, Inc. (818)341-0820(818)882-4031 
Wells, Gerald Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP (213)683-5668(213)996-3445 
Welsh, John Burke, Williams & Sorensen, LLP (213)236-2818(213)236-2700 
West, Kelley Citadel Environmental Services, Inc. (818)246-2707(818)246-3145 
Wheeler, Margie Metropolitan Water District (213)217-5585(213)217-6650 
White, Glory Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (213)367-1394(213)367-0215 
Whitney, Paul Wells Fargo (818)716-3242(818)347-1675 
Wickre, Shellie Microsoft (425)706-2154(425)708-0283 
Widelitz, Susan California State University, Northridge (818)677-2123(818)677-7739 
Wiedner, John Gensler (310)449-5709(310)449-5850 
Wiener-Masteller, Haley L/B/W Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. (661)702-6004(661)702-7404 
Wiese, Amy Kaiser Permanente (818)375-2217(818)375-3881 
Wilbur, Mark Employers Group (213)765-3999(213)748-0587 
Wilcox, Greg Daily News of Los Angeles (818)713-3743(818)713-0058 
Wildman, Scott Pacific Federal Insurance Corp. (818)243-0222(818)549-0610 
Wilkins, Catherine American Traffic Solutions California (480)596-4501(480)596-4501 
Williams, Anne California United Bank (818)257-7778(818)257-7703 
Williams, Diana Woodland Hills - Tarzana Chamber of Commerce (818)347-4737(818)347-3321 
Williams, Jerod Latham & Watkins (213)891-8365(213)891-8763 
Williams, Patty Providence Health & Services (818)757-4285(818)818-7572 
Willis, Leisha State Farm Insurance (818)673-2825(818)673-2822 
Willoughby, Denita AT&T (213)743-3700(213)745-8276 
Wilson, Charles Southern California Edison  
Wilson, Paula Valley Community Clinic (818)301-6333(818)763-7231 
Witkin, Loren Citadel Environmental Services, Inc. (818)246-2707(818)246-3145 
Witt, Randy Randy Witt Productions (818)905-7777(818)905-6777 
Witzling, Dan Breathe California of Los Angeles County (323)935-8050(323)935-1873 
Wolfson, Jonathon Cinmark Company LP (818)700-2141(818)700-2125 
Wolfson, Kim Cinmark Company LP (818)700-2131(818)700-2125 
Wolfson, Mark Cinmark Company LP (818)700-2121(818)700-2125 
Wong, Ben Southern California Edison (626)302-1977 
Wonnacott, Brendan Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market (310)341-1356(310)361-8371 
Woodford, Joyce Valley Presbyterian Hospital (818)902-5137(818)902-3974 
Worthen, Kenneth El Proyecto Del Barrio (818)883-4966(818)883-4627 
Wray, Tim Maguire Aviation (818)989-2300(818)909-0604 
Wright, David Plains All American Pipeline, L.P. (562)728-2816(562)728-2823 
Wright, Dwight State Farm Insurance (310)568-5812(818)310-5686 
Wrigley, Rob Airbus Americas, Inc. (202)331-2233(202)467-5480 
Wunderlich, Ryan USI of Southern California Insurance Services, Inc. (818)251-3080(818)251-1880 
Wyard, Kimberly Northeast Valley Health Corporation (818)898-1388(818)270-9592 
Wycoff, Matt First Bank (818)905-2001(818)905-2039 
Wyman, Robert Latham & Watkins (213)891-8346(213)891-8763 

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