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Nabatian, Parham Infinite Communications (818)421-8626 
Nabavi, Faramarz The Transit Coalition (818)362-7997(818)364-2508 
Nasta, Art Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles (818)780-5611(818)758-1616 
Navarrete, Amy Americas United Bank (818)637-7048(818)637-7059 
Nazareno, Jerry Wells Fargo (818)716-4665(818)704-6542 
Ndubuizu, Elelda Time Warner Cable (310)647-3062(310)647-3036 
Neary, Tom Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce (310)393-9825(310)394-1868 
Nelson, Kelly ITT Technical Institute (818)364-5151(818)364-5150 
Nesen, Bobby The Chip, Inc. (661)260-3000(661)554-7118 
Neudeck, Randall Metropolitan Water District (213)217-7537(213)830-4538 
Newman, Kermit Lakeside Community Healthcare (818)637-2000(818)242-8761 
Newton, Ann Fiona Hutton & Associates, Inc. (818)760-2121(818)760-2202 
Ng, Susan Kaiser Permanente (818)719-4751(818)719-2358 
Nguyen, Lynn Wells Fargo (818)708-5984(818)708-5981 
Nguyen, Tuan Microsoft (213)806-7408(213)806-7447 
Nielsen, Stefan Epax Systems, Inc. (818)994-2870(818)994-4032 
Nissen, Steve NBCUniversal (818)777-9632(818)866-3363 
Nitescu, Theresa Northeast Valley Health Corporation (818)898-1388(818)270-9592 
Noblejas, Linda California State University, Northridge (818)677-2121(818)677-2254 
Noda, Mitch New Hampshire Ball Bearings, Inc. (818)709-1770(818)727-9719 
Noon, Rumi Psomas (213)223-1455(661)775-2718 
Norby, Steve McDonald's USA, LLC (562)753-2001(562)447-3288 
Nordin, Richard Woodbury University (818)252-5212(818)767-1547 
Norian, Catherine Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP (213)683-6182(213)627-0705 
Norris, Kathy Valley Industrial Association of Santa Clarita (661)294-8088(661)294-8188 
Northern, Mark Westfield Corporation, Inc (310)689-5696(310)893-4780 
Novin, Mitra The Boeing Company (562)797-5096(562)797-3362 
Nutter, Judith California State University, Northridge (818)677-2123(818)677-4823 

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