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Caganich, Barbara Woodbury University (818)767-0888(818)767-1547 
Calderon, Gabriel Wells Fargo (818)831-8449(818)990-1604 
Caldwell, Douglas The Boeing Company (562)797-1158(562)797-3362 
Caldwell, Samona State Farm Insurance (310)568-5826(310)568-5386 
Camacho, Ann Camacho's Inc. (213)626-5554 
Camacho, Don Camacho's Inc. (213)438-1755 
Camacho, Maria Consensus Inc. (213)438-1755(213)438-1764 
Campbell, Gregory Spectrolab, Inc. (818)898-2834(818)361-5102 
Campbell, LaTonya Facey Medical Foundation (818)837-5675(818)365-6964 
Canavello, Melissa Wells Fargo (818)380-6634(818)990-1604 
Canizales, Gilbert Anheuser-Busch, Inc. (818)908-5507(818)908-5695 
Cardenas, Natalie Anthem Blue Cross (818)234-3797(818)234-4038 
Carleo, Susan Valley College (818)947-2321(818)947-2620 
Carmody, Kerry Providence Health & Services (818)847-4544(818)847-3384 
Carnell, Natasha Gensler (310)449-9905(310)449-5850 
Carney, Valerie The Walt Disney Company (818)560-1307(818)846-8406 
Carrasco, Andy Southern California Gas Company (323)246-2123(323)722-0913 
Carrico, Brian Wells Fargo (818)716-3244(818)990-1604 
Carrion, Rene Comerica Bank (310)824-6753(310)824-6772 
Carrol-Kowalski, Karen Facey Medical Foundation (818)837-5726 
Caruso, Rick Caruso Affiliated (323)900-8100(323)900-8101 
Casana, Andrew Englander Knabe & Allen (213)741-1500(213)747-4900 
Casavan, Carolyn Casavan Consulting (805)477-1402(805)644-9736 
Case, Robert Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne Inc. (818)586-4122(818)586-4765 
Casey, Edward Alston & Bird LLP (213)576-1005(213)576-1100 
Casillas, Mary Northrop Grumman Corp.,Navigation Systems Division (818)712-6130(818)715-2786 
Castillo, Helen California State University, Northridge (818)677-3001(818)677-4024 
Castillo, Raul Valley College (818)947-2618(818)947-2621 
Catalano, Steve Kindel Gagan (213)624-1550(213)688-1550 
Cathey, Wally Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market (310)341-1221(310)361-8371 
Cavarlez, Victoria Kaiser Permanente (818)557-3682(818)557-3696 
Celaya, Ellen Chaminade College Preparatory (818)360-4211(818)363-0127 
Celis, Laura State Farm Insurance (310)568-5836(310)568-5386 
Cevallos-Hoffer, Marcia City National Bank (818)382-1567(818)382-1572 
Challey, Christina California State University, Northridge (818)677-4112(818)677-5506 
Chandler, Cliff Santa Clarita Valley Business Journal (661)902-5575(661)259-2081 
Chandler, Rebecca CORT Furniture Rental (310)864-0384(818)907-6415 
Chang, William The Enterprise Zone Company (626)356-3013(626)356-3233 
Chapman, Lorraine LA Inc. The Convention and Visitors Bureau (213)236-2301(213)624-0179 
Charles, Deta Jackson Shrub Supply (818)982-0100(818)982-1310 
Charney, Debra Northeast Valley Health Corporation (818)898-1388(818)270-9592 
Chase, Brian Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce (310)393-9825(310)394-1868 
Chavez, Jesse California State University, Northridge (818)677-2270(818)677-5088 
Chegwin, Chris L/B/W Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. (661)702-6032(661)702-7440 
Cherniack, Brian Daily News of Los Angeles (818)713-3507(818)713-3764 
Chess, Jeff Psomas (213)223-1400(213)223-1444 
Chibbaro, John Latham & Watkins (213)485-1234(213)891-8763 
Chien, Jamie San Fernando Valley Business Journal (818)316-3128(818)676-1747 
Chik, Bruce US Bank (818)817-7236(818)789-3041 
Chiock, Enrique Breathe California of Los Angeles County (323)935-8050(323)935-1873 
Cho, Jimmy Southern California Gas Company (213)244-3701(213)244-8211 
Chop, Elaine Valley Presbyterian Hospital (818)902-5172(818)904-3708 
Chow, Joseph Southern California Gas Company (818)701-3204(213)244-3505 
Christensen, Kelly ITT Technical Institute (818)364-5151(818)364-5150 
Ciccarelli, Steve Sheraton Universal Hotel (818)509-2726(818)509-0605 
Ciolfi, Michael Hedman Partners (661)286-1542(661)287-6336 
Ciufo, Lennie Valley College (818)947-2321(818)947-2620 
Clapp, Dennies Wells Fargo (818)509-3480(818)509-3495 
Clark, Peggy Bessolo Haworth & Vogel LLP (818)493-6650(818)501-6650 
Clarke, James Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles (213)384-4131(213)382-3970 
Clift, Edward Woodbury University (818)252-5197(818)767-3470 
Clouet, Jim South Coast Air Quality Management District (909)396-3208(909)396-3850 
Coburn, Shanna Westfield Corporation, Inc (818)501-1447(818)783-5955 
Cochrane, Geri Arnie Berghoff & Associates (213)623-3736(213)623-4220 
Cohen, Tracy NBCUniversal (818)777-3831(818)866-9693 
Cole, Katherine Waste Management Inc. (818)822-6378(818)252-3249 
Comer, R.J. Armbruster Goldsmith & Delvac, LLP (310)209-8800(310)209-8801 
Comisar, Alex Fiona Hutton & Associates, Inc. (818)760-2121(818)760-2202 
Condon, Dennis Bank of the West (818)728-3629(818)728-3611 
Connelly, Mike Bank of the West (818)728-3609(818)501-1380 
Conney, Shivaun Latham & Watkins (213)891-8790(213)891-8763 
Cook, Bruce Woodbury University (818)252-5191(818)767-3470 
Cook, Cheyanne Community Financial Services Association (916)708-9781 
Cook, Debra West Valley Family YMCA (818)774-2840(818)776-0153 
Cooksey, Julia Verizon (310)260-7725(310)260-9830 
Cooper, Kitty Valley Village (818)587-9450(818)587-9184 
Cooper, Martin Cooper Communications, Inc. (818)789-5454(818)789-5456 
Corcoran, Doug Waste Management Inc. (818)252-3147(818)252-3249 
Corletto, Karen Handelman Consulting, Inc. (818)990-0559 
Cornett, Dorothy Comerica Bank (818)379-2946(818)379-2902 
Coroalles, Tony City of Calabasas (818)224-1607(818)225-7308 
Cortes Garza, Ramona UCLA Governmental & Community Relations (310)794-6818(310)794-6827 
Cortez, Michelle Van Nuys Airport (818)442-6526(818)787-1053 
Cossota, Mike Lamar Advertising of Los Angeles (323)933-3222(323)933-3225 
Costanzo, Vito Holland & Knight (213)896-2409(213)896-2450 
Costin, Sara Consensus Inc. (213)438-1755(213)438-1764 
Cotreau, Kelly AEG (213)742-7141(213)742-7872 
Couch, Jamie Psomas (661)775-4031(661)775-2718 
Cours, Deborah California State University, Northridge (818)677-2467(818)677-3188 
Covelli, Bonnie Someone's In The Kitchen (818)343-5151(818)343-1140 
Cowan, Jonathan Sony Pictures Entertainment (310)244-2971(310)244-2467 
Cox, Brad Trammell Crow Company (310)226-7450(310)407-1656 
Cox, Eileen People Media Group (800)600-7111(800)600-7112 
Cox, Kerry Specialty Merchandise Corporation (805)306-3501(805)584-8373 
Crawford, Lorraine Wells Fargo (805)777-8389(805)371-5858 
Crawford, Ted Concerned Dog Owners of California (562)618-6136(818)332-9690 
Creado, Clint Wells Fargo (818)385-2701(818)386-0452 
Crisp, Julie Dyanne Latham & Watkins (213)485-1234(213)891-8763 
Crosby, Sherry Kaiser Permanente (818)719-4759(818)719-2358 
Cross, Victoria Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (213)367-4141(213)367-1434 
Crowley, Matt Crowley Corporate Legal Strategy (818)703-7372(818)703-7868 
Cruz, Raymond California State University, Northridge (818)677-6881(818)677-4371 
Cruz-Ocampo, Adrianna U-Frame It Gallery (818)781-4500(818)781-7479 
Cuevas, Luciano Southern California Gas Company (818)701-3414(818)701-3410 
Cumming, Joan Autry National Center (323)667-2000(323)660-5721 
Curzon, Susan California State University, Northridge (818)677-2271(818)677-2676 

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