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Taft, Jacquelyn Anheuser-Busch, Inc. (818)908-5502(818)908-5695 
Talley, Lu Providence Health & Services (818)847-3355(818)847-3310 
Tamaki, Kevin AT&T (213)743-7083(213)745-8278 
Tamborelli, John Stone, Rosenblatt & Cha, P.C. (818)999-2232(818)999-2269 
Tamiya, Sharon Jackson, DeMarco, Tidus & Peckenpaugh (805)230-0023(805)230-0087 
Tang, Quinn Loeb & Loeb, LLP (310)282-2175(213)947-4704 
Tangri, Shiraz Alston & Bird LLP (213)576-1129(213)576-1100 
Tankenson, Laura NBCUniversal (818)777-3295(818)866-3285 
Tanner, Ted AEG (213)742-7870(213)742-7872 
Taormina, Aundrea Stevenson Real Estate Services (818)956-7001(818)502-1306 
Tarassoly, Cindy Northeast Valley Health Corporation (818)898-1388(818)270-9592 
Tarlow, Linda Allen Realty & Studio City Development Corp. (818)769-4444(818)981-1553 
Tarr, Ralph Ralph Tarr, Attorney at Law (818)591-7846(818)591-7846 
Taura, Nestor Plains All American Pipeline, L.P. (562)728-2064(562)728-2350 
Taylor, Bob Citadel Environmental Services, Inc. (818)246-2707(818)246-3145 
Taylor, Diane Traders Loan and Jewelry, Inc. (818)345-8696(818)345-8574 
Taylor, Doug Traders Loan and Jewelry, Inc. (818)345-8696(818)345-8574 
Taylor, Rick Dakota Communications (310)815-8444(310)815-9886 
Terashita, Linda Land Rover of Encino (818)990-9870(818)788-4958 
Terrasi, Gary US Bank (818)817-7232(818)789-3041 
Testan, Steven Adelson, Testan, Brundo & Jimenez (818)225-5868(818)225-5867 
Tetreault, Michael Daily News of Los Angeles (818)713-3751(818)713-3723 
Tharp, Eric Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (213)367-0286(213)367-0269 
Thomas, George Christopher Van Nuys News Press (818)605-8940(818)286-9579 
Thomas, Gregory Unisys Corporation (310)567-0703(714)374-4209 
Thomas, Morris Santa Clarita Valley Business Journal (661)902-5578(661)259-8742 
Thomas, Pamela Time Warner Cable (818)998-2233(818)998-0858 
Thomer, Cathy Thomas Properties Group, Inc. (213)613-1900(213)633-4760 
Thompson, Catren Daily News of Los Angeles (818)713-3315(818)713-3322 
Thompson, Jocelyn Alston & Bird LLP (213)576-1104(213)576-1100 
Thompson, Karen Premier America Credit Union (818)772-4063(818)772-4069 
Thompson, Richard AC Martin Partners, Inc. (213)213-6143(213)614-6111 
Thompson Derry, Patricia Pacific Western Bank (818)610-2762(818)332-4969 
Thorn, Marcelle Manpower (818)784-8276(818)784-1622 
Tigno, Vladimir North Valley Occupational Center-Aviation Center (818)365-9645(818)365-2695 
Tinkham, Lisa Town & Country Event Rentals, Inc. (818)908-4211(818)908-4219 
Tobi, Yael Jackson, DeMarco, Tidus & Peckenpaugh (805)230-0023(805)230-0087 
Todish, Bree Randy Witt Productions (818)905-7777(818)905-6777 
Tomasino, Carolina Wells Fargo (818)346-0570(818)346-1015 
Tong, Felicity Precision Dynamics Corporation (818)897-1111(818)897-7871 
Tonthat, Michael Hedman Partners (661)310-2188(661)287-6336 
Torres, Alma Power Media Group, Inc. (661)268-4806(661)430-5491 
Torres, German Verizon (213)291-0768(310)260-9830 
Torres, Maggie M.E.N.D. (818)897-2443(818)897-0128 
Torres-Drewes, Leila Manpower (818)784-8829(818)784-1622 
Toutant, William California State University, Northridge (818)677-2246(818)677-2345 
Townsend, Maria Providence Health & Services (818)847-4152(818)847-4162 
Toyama-Gaines, Rika California State University, Northridge (818)677-3319(818)677-2254 
Trahan, Jerry US Bank (310)694-6051(323)315-5187 
Trahan, Ryan Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP (213)683-6226(213)996-3226 
Tran, Lila US Bank (818)817-7233(818)789-3041 
Treichler, Linda Pacific Western Bank (818)212-2591(818)212-2590 
Trester, Judith Pierce College (818)710-2549(818)710-3306 
Troiano, Jane The Home Depot (818)716-9141(714)940-3579 
Tsui, Philip Trammell Crow Company (310)407-1618(310)407-1656 
Tung, Roland Jackson, DeMarco, Tidus & Peckenpaugh (805)230-0023(805)230-0087 
Turchan, Lisa The Buckley School (818)783-6720(818)501-7820 
Turner, Cathie Concerned Dog Owners of California (818)519-2141(818)332-9690 
Turner, Linda California State University, Northridge (818)677-3974(818)677-2254 
Turner, Michael Metro (213)922-2122(213)922-2236 
Tuttle, Sue Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce (805)370-0035(805)370-1083 
Tyler, Darnell NBCUniversal (818)777-6693(818)622-2300 
Tyler, Marcella California State University, Northridge (818)677-3979(818)677-5088 

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