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O'Connell, JC NBCUniversal (818)777-3335(818)866-3363 
O'Flaherty, Norma Valley Presbyterian Hospital (818)902-5213(818)902-3974 
O'Prey Truman, Kathleen Truman & Elliott LLP (213)629-5300(213)629-1212 
O'Rourke, Sharon Southern California Gas Company (310)578-2650(213)244-3505 
Obergfoll, Mathew Wells Fargo (818)385-2721(818)386-9733 
Oberman-Lippe, Barbara Barbara C. Oberman Insurance Services, Inc. (818)706-3337(818)276-8335 
Ochoa, Francisco Mayer Brown LLP (213)229-5171(213)576-8197 
Ocubillo, May HealthCare Partners Medical Group (818)838-4573(818)838-7500 
Olenick, Michael Child Care Resource Center, Inc. (818)717-1010(818)717-9161 
Oliphant, Gary Wells Fargo (818)380-7241(818)986-1752 
Oliver, Louise Goodwill Industries of Southern California (818)782-2520(818)782-3130 
Olson, Carl State Department Watch (818)223-8080 
Omar, Shane Shangri La Construction (310)492-4408(310)492-4448 
Oneby, Pamela Specialty Merchandise Corporation (805)306-3550(805)584-8373 
Ordelheide, Robert City of San Fernando (818)898-1201(818)361-7631 
Orellana, Carlos Wells Fargo (818)365-6951(818)898-0100 
Orlov, Rick Daily News of Los Angeles (213)978-0390(213)617-0223 
Orozco, Priscilla State Farm Insurance (310)568-5205(310)568-5386 
Ortiz, Anita Paramount Pictures Corporation (323)956-4447(323)862-1348 
Oschin, Francine Oschin Partners, Inc. (818)907-1130(818)906-8728 
Otchis, Jerry Jerald A. Otchis Certified Public Accountant (818)577-4805(818)577-4904 
Otto, Jason Wells Fargo (818)222-5091(818)591-2361 
Ouellette, Scott Scott Real Estate Advisory (818)259-0576 
Ovasapyan, Karina Westfield Corporation, Inc (818)501-1447(818)783-5955 
Overo, Jude Wells Fargo (818)716-3289(818)347-1675 

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