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La Blue, Sam Lakeside Community Healthcare (818)637-2000(818)242-8761 
Lacy, Clay Clay Lacy Aviation (818)989-2900(818)909-9537 
Lainer, Jeff Lainer Investments (818)787-1400(818)787-8719 
Lainer, Mark Lainer Investments (818)787-1400(818)787-8719 
Lake, Harry Trammell Crow Company (310)407-1602(310)407-1656 
Lam, Sandra Hedman Partners (661)310-2198(661)287-6336 
Lamont, Ian Santa Clarita Valley Business Journal (661)902-5501(661)259-8742 
Landon, Scott Coldwell Banker (818)701-1000(818)701-5000 
Lanfranco, Brad Santa Clarita Valley Business Journal (661)902-5534(661)259-8742 
Lantz, Patrick Kindel Gagan (213)624-1550(213)688-1550 
Larick, Adrian Sheraton Universal Hotel (818)509-2716(818)509-0605 
Larrain, Casey Transcon Property Services, Inc. (818)981-6700(818)784-7035 
Latimer, Patrick Woodbury University (818)252-5133(818)767-3470 
Lauffer, Marlee Newhall Land (661)255-4247(661)255-4219 
Lavaggi, Patil Arroyo Insurance Services (818)453-9318(818)788-2424 
Lawson, Craig Craig Lawson & Company, LLC (310)838-2400(310)838-2424 
Lawson, Layne Clear Channel Outdoor, Inc. (310)755-7234(310)755-7355 
Leahy, Art Metro (213)922-6340(213)922-7464 
Leatherman, Steve Sandel Medical Industries, LLC (818)534-2500(818)534-2510 
Leavenworth, Deane Time Warner Cable (818)324-6102(818)998-0858 
Lederer, Jill Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce (805)370-0035(805)370-1083 
Lee, Harold Million Air Burbank (818)786-6800(818)988-2400 
Lee, Heather Goldstein Planting Investments (310)556-2300(310)828-8517 
Lee, Lily Waste Management Inc. (818)252-3106(818)252-3249 
Lee, Samuel Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles (213)384-4131(213)382-3970 
Leemon, Irv Van Nuys News Press (818)605-8940(818)286-9579 
Leirer, Anne Stay Green Inc. (661)291-2800(877)317-8437 
Leiweke, Tim AEG (213)763-7753(213)742-7872 
Lemmo, Rick Caruso Affiliated (323)900-8100(323)900-8101 
Lennartz, Heidi Mission Community Hospital (818)904-3685(818)904-3610 
Lenzini, Doug Bridges Academy (818)506-1091(818)506-8094 
Leon, David Alpert, Barr & Grant, APLC (818)881-5000(818)881-1150 
Lepore, Lil Vino 100 Valencia (661)294-6881(661)294-6832 
Leslie, Mark AT&T (213)743-7020(213)745-8278 
Levine, Barry El Centro De Amistad, Inc. (818)898-0223(818)361-5384 
Levine, Michael San Fernando Valley Business Journal (323)549-5225(323)549-5255 
Levy, Harlan McDonald's USA, LLC (602)293-5369(503)214-8670 
Levy, Jonathan Beezley Management, LLC/ Management 180 Consulting (818)591-8555(818)591-8556 
Lewis, Debbie Schmitz & Associates, Inc. (818)338-3636(818)338-3423 
Lewis, Joanne Van Nuys News Press (818)707-2507(818)286-9579 
Lewis, Mary Consensus Inc. (213)438-1755(213)438-1764 
Lewis, Thom USI of Southern California Insurance Services, Inc. (818)251-3090(818)251-1890 
Lewitt, Leon Lewitt, Hackman, Shapiro, Marshall & Harlan (818)990-2120(818)981-4764 
Liberman, Mark LA Inc. The Convention and Visitors Bureau (213)236-2301(213)624-0179 
Lichtenstein, Richard Marathon Communications, Inc. (323)655-4660(323)655-6478 
Lieberman, Myron MHE Enterprises Inc./Woodcrest Schools (818)708-2710(818)708-1944 
Liebling, Ryan Wells Fargo (818)784-3726(818)818-9026 
Lief, Jane First Bank (818)905-2020(818)905-2036 
Lies, Douglas City National Bank (818)382-1506(818)382-1502 
Like, Mitzi L/B/W Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. (661)702-6000(661)702-7440 
Lillington, David Spectrolab, Inc. (818)898-7515(818)365-7771 
Lindamood, Dena City of Calabasas (818)224-1607(818)225-7308 
Lindenheim, Victor Golden State Gateway Coalition (661)775-0455(661)294-8188 
Lindgren, Todd FilmL.A., Inc. (213)977-8628(213)977-8610 
Linton, Michael Vulcan Materials Company (323)474-3202(323)258-1583 
Lipa, Jacob Psomas (661)310-9540(310)954-3777 
Lippe, Greg Gregory N. Lippe Accountancy Corporation (805)409-0284(805)371-7588 
Litvak, Jody Metro (213)922-1240(213)922-7464 
LoGuercio, Richard Town & Country Event Rentals, Inc. (818)908-4211(818)908-4219 
Lockhart, John People Media Group (800)600-7111(800)600-7112 
Lockman, Joshua Latham & Watkins (213)891-8790(213)891-8763 
Loden, Brigette Providence Health & Services (818)898-4636(818)898-4715 
Lolley, Lynn Green Flag Profit Recovery by Transworld Systems, Inc. (310)291-1541(310)578-1581 
Long, Patrick Stevenson Real Estate Services (818)956-7001(818)502-1306 
Longley, Denise Metro (213)922-7294(213)922-8822 
Lonsberry, Ross L/B/W Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. (661)702-6012(661)702-7440 
Lopez, Elizabeth Sandel Medical Industries, LLC (818)534-2500(818)671-2645 
Lopez, Erick M.E.N.D. (818)686-7335(818)897-0128 
Lopez, Maggie Valley College (818)947-2321(818)947-2620 
Lopez, Maria Metropolitan Water District (626)233-4707(626)282-1827 
Lopez, Olga Metro (818)701-2828(818)701-2894 
Lopez, Phil Woodland Hills Country Club (818)347-1511(818)992-6591 
Lopez, Wendy Maguire Aviation (818)989-2300(818)902-0179 
Lor, Phillip NBCUniversal (818)777-1537(818)866-1553 
Lord, Dennis C. Southern California Gas Company (310)612-2751(213)244-3505 
Lott, Jim Hospital Association of Southern California (213)538-0777(213)629-4272 
Low, Marcella Southern California Gas Company (310)613-8875(213)244-3505 
Lowy, Peter Westfield Corporation, Inc (310)445-2407(310)893-4780 
Lykken, Daniel US Bank (818)817-7236(818)789-3041 
Lynch, Matt Build Rehabilitation Industries (818)898-0020(818)898-1949 
Lysik, Gary City of Calabasas (818)878-4225(818)225-7308 

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