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California Grocers Association
1415 L. Street, Suite 450
Sacramento CA 95814-3962
Ms. Keri Askew Bailey, Vice President, Government Relations
Other Contacts: Ms. Kara Bush, Manager, Government Relations, Matthew Dodson

Map  Member Since 2006 


Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market
2120 Park Place, Suite 200
El Segundo CA 90245-4741
(310)341-1457   Fax: (310)361-8371
Mr. Roberto Munoz, Director of Neighborhood Affirs
Other Contacts: Mr. Wally Cathey, Regional Real Estate Director, Mr. Michael Greer, District Manager, Ms. Robin Howard, Permits & Licensing Manager, Adella Hunt, Executive Assistant, Ms. Mary Kasper, Vice President, Adam Mayfield, Director of Real Estate, Ms. Stephanie Patryla, Marketing Manager, Mr. Simon Uwins, Chief Marketing Officer, Brendan Wonnacott

Map  Member Since 2009 


Ralphs Grocery Company
PO Box 54143
Los Angeles CA 90054
Ms. Kendra Doyel, Vice President, Marketing
Other Contacts: Mr. Angelo DeVito, Project Manager

 Member Since 2010 


618 Michillinda Avenue
Arcadia CA 91007-6300
(626)821-7897   Fax: (626)821-7933
Daymond Rice, Director, Public Affairs-Vons
Other Contacts: Mr. Carlos Illingworth, Manager, Public Affairs, Mr. Ronald King, District Employment Coordinator, Katie Sargent, Assistant to Daymond Rice

Map  Member Since 2006 

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