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Aadlen Bros. Auto Wrecking
11590 Tuxford Street
Sun Valley CA 91352-3112
(818)504-1091   Fax: (818)504-4922
Mr. Nathan Adlen
Other Contacts: Mr. Andrew Adlen, Manager, Wendy Weiss, Bookkeeper

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Map  Member Since 2008 


The Home Depot
3800 W. Chapman Ave.
Orange CA 92868-1611
(714)940-3630   Fax: (714)940-3579
Mr. Francisco Uribe, Senior Manager, Government Relations
Other Contacts: Mr. Michael Astorino, District Manager, William Hagen, Vice President, Finance, Ms. Jane Troiano, Sales Specialist

Map  Member Since 2007 


Traders Loan and Jewelry, Inc.
18505 Sherman Way
Reseda CA 91335-4213
(818)345-8696   Fax: (818)345-8574
Ms. Diane Taylor, Chief Financial Officer
Other Contacts: Mr. Doug Taylor, President

Map  Member Since 2008 


Vino 100 Valencia
28112 Newhall Ranch Road
Valencia CA 91355
(661)294-6881   Fax: (661)294-6832
Ms. Lil Lepore, Co-Owner
Other Contacts: Ms. Shari Frazier, Co-Owner

Map  Member Since 2010 


618 Michillinda Avenue
Arcadia CA 91007-6300
(626)821-7897   Fax: (626)821-7933
Daymond Rice, Director, Public Affairs-Vons
Other Contacts: Mr. Carlos Illingworth, Manager, Public Affairs, Mr. Ronald King, District Employment Coordinator, Katie Sargent, Assistant to Daymond Rice

Map  Member Since 2006 


Westfield Corporation, Inc
11601 Wilshire Blvd., 11th Floor
Los Angeles CA 90025-1747
(310)689-5696   Fax: (310)893-4780
John Alderson
Other Contacts: Ms. Jaclyn Baumgarten, Development Manager, Shanna Coburn, General Manager, Brandy Friel, Marketing Director, David Gensemer, Vice President, Development, Larry Green, Senior VP-West Coast Dev., Mr. John Healy, Vice President of Development, Cheryl Hines, Development Manager, Erick Klafter, General Manager, Mr. Jonathan Krausche, Development Manager, Peter Lowy, CEO, Mark Northern, Regional Vice President, Karina Ovasapyan, Marketing Director, Scott Reinstein, Development Director, Sarah Richardson, Marketing Director

Map  Member Since 1988 

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