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American Traffic Solutions California
1419 N. San Fernando Blvd., Suite 1000
Burbank CA 91504
(480)596-4501   Fax: (480)596-4501
Ms. Jennifer Rehoreg, Customer Relations Manager
Other Contacts: Ms. Catherine Wilkins, Executive Administrative Assistant

Map  Member Since 2011 


Golden State Gateway Coalition
25709 Rye Canyon Road, Suite 105
Santa Clarita CA 91355-1113
(661)775-0455   Fax: (661)294-8188
Victor Lindenheim, Executive Director

Map  Member Since 2005 


One Gateway Plaza, USG: 99-25-15
Los Angeles CA 90012-2952
(213)922-6340   Fax: (213)922-7464
Lynda Bybee, Deputy Executive Officer, Community Rela
Other Contacts: Teresa Fong, Transportation Planner, Ms. Susan Gilmore, Consituent Programs Director, Mr. Richard Hunt, General Manager, SFV, Ms. Ann Kerman, Constituent Program Manager, Mr. Alvin Kusumoto, Board Relations, Art Leahy, Jody Litvak, Manager, Constituent Programs, Ms. Denise Longley, Deputy Executive Officer, Ms. Olga Lopez, Sr. Community Relations Officer, Mr. David Monks, Manager, Regional Communications, Mr. Hitesh Patel, Project Manager, Ms. Kathy Powell Drayton, Admin. & Financial Services Mgr., Ms. Valerie Rader, Senior Account Executive, Mr. Christopher Reyes, Assistant Administrative Analyst, Michael Turner, Government Relations Administrator, Ms. Sarah Zadok, Accounts Supervisor

Map  Member Since 2003 

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