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Los Angeles Department of Water & Power
111 North Hope St., Room 1520
Los Angeles CA 90012-5701
(213)367-1394   Fax: (213)367-0215
Mr. Joseph Ramallo
Other Contacts: Alvin Bautista, Mr. Gregory Black, Director of Budget, Ms. Victoria Cross, Government Relations Liason, Ms. Peachy Dano, Compliance Analyst, Kathy Jones Irish, Executive Assistant to the GM - Power Sy, Ms. Lillian Kawasaki, Assistant General Manager, Mr. Hengameh Madadi, Account Manager, Ms. Lorraine Paskett, Dir. of Legislative Affairs, Mr. David Rahimian, Senior Project Coordinator, Gloria Lee Ray, Assistant Director, Robert Rozanski, Chief Administrative Officer, Mr. Dante Santiago, Senior Account Manager, Bryan Schweickert, Legislative and Regulartory Affairs Divi, Eric Tharp, Director of External Generation, Glory White, Assistant to Joe Ramallo, Ms. Winifred Yancy, Manager - Government Relations

Map  Member Since 1970 


Southern California Edison
2244 Walnut Grove Ave
Rosemead CA 91770-3714

Mr. Ben Wong, Director of Local Public Affairs
Other Contacts: Glen Becerra, Project Manager, Mr. David Ford, Deputy Director, Local Public Affairs, Ms. Anna Frutos-Sanchez, Region Manager, Mr. Michael Huynk, Corporate Representative, Jessica Mack, New Construction Services, Manager, Maryann Reyes, Director, Metro Region, Mr. David Van Iderstine, Director, Local Government Affairs, Charles Wilson

Map  Member Since 1996 


Southern California Gas Company
555 W. Fifth Street, GT09E2
Los Angeles CA 90013-1044
(213)244-2522   Fax: (213)244-3505
Susan Sifuentes Trigueros, Regional Public Affairs Manager
Other Contacts: Ms. Alma Briseno, Account Executive, Mr. Andy Carrasco, Public Affairs Manager, Jimmy Cho, Dir. Communication, Research & Web Strat, Joseph Chow, Public Affairs Manager, Mr. Luciano Cuevas, Account Executive, Michael De La Torre, John Guerra, Sr. Regional Public Affairs Manager, Erica Jacquez-Santos, Public Affairs Manager, Laurie Kasper Gwyn, Legislative Analysis & Policy Manger, Dennis C. Lord, Public Affairs Manager, Marcella Low, Public Affairs Manager, Mike Mizrahi, Mr. Joseph Mock, Account Executive, Joe Mosca, Noel Muyco, Enviromental Advisor, Sharon O'Rourke, Public Affairs Manager, Ms. Helen Romero Shaw, Public Affairs Manager, Janel Ruiz, Mandy Shaw, Administrative Associate, Rochelle Silsbee, Public Affairs Manager, Estela de Llanos, Senior Environmental Counsel

Map  Member Since 1988 

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