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Association of Independent Commercial Producers
650 North Bronson Ave., Suite 223B
Los Angeles CA 90004-1404
(323)960-4763   Fax: (323)960-4766
David Phelps, Director of External Relations

Map  Member Since 2005 


CBS Outdoor, Inc.
1731 Workman Street
Los Angeles CA 90031
(323)276-7309   Fax: (323)276-7589
Mr. Tim Fox, Director, Project Management
Other Contacts: Mr. Ryan Brooks, Vice President, Government Affairs, Ms. Vanessa DeJesus, Shannon Hughes, Mr. Randy Jackson, Vice President & General Manager

Map  Member Since 2010 


History for Hire
7149 Fair Avenue
North Hollywood CA 91605
(818)765-7767   Fax: (818)765-7871
Ms. Pam Elyea, Vice President

Map  Member Since 2010 


Independent Studio Services
9545 Wentworth Street
Sunland CA 91040
(818)951-5600   Fax: (818)951-4778
Mr. Gregg Bilson, Jr., Executive Vice President & CFO
Other Contacts: Ms. Angie Bilson

Map  Member Since 2011 


100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City CA 91608-1002
(818)777-9632   Fax: (818)866-3363
Mr. Steve Nissen, V.P., Legal & Government Affairs
Other Contacts: Kathy Banuelos, Legal & Government Affairs, Joe Bellas, Director, Environmental Progrrams, Tracy Cohen, Director, Community Outreach & Corp. Aff, Cameron Death, Mr. Keith Gorham, Senior Vice President, Labor Relations, Andrea Hartman, Executive Vice President & General Counl, Mr. Phillip Lor, Director, Operational & Production Tax, Ms. Dawn Mayhew, Vice President, Ms. Janice Miller, Vice President, Legal & Business Affairs, Ms. JC O'Connell, Executive Assistant, Mr. Eliot Sekuler, Vice President - Public Relations, Mr. Tom Smith, Senior Vice President, Ms. Laura Tankenson, Senior Vice President, Darnell Tyler, Director

Map  Member Since 1979 


Paramount Pictures Corporation
5555 Melrose Avenue
Hollywood CA 90038-3197
(323)956-5335   Fax: (323)862-0422
Ms. Sharon Keyser, Senior Vice President, Real Estate
Other Contacts: Liz Bodie, Coordinator - Real Estate & Government s, Christina Derenthal, Assistant to Sharon, Maricela Gomez, Director Real Estate and Government Rel, Jennifer MacLeod, Assistant to Joan Witte, Vice Presidents, Ms. Anita Ortiz, Vice President, Government Affairs

Map  Member Since 2010 


Star Waggons
13334 Ralston Avenue
Sylmar CA 91342
(818)367-5946   Fax: (818)362-1448
Mr. Jason Waggoner, President

Map  Member Since 2009 

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