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Government Relations

The Afriat Consulting Group, Inc.
4107 Magnolia Blvd.
Burbank CA 91505-2742
(818)450-2771   Fax: (818)558-7688
Steve Afriat, President
Other Contacts: Ryan Ayala, Mark Edwards, Director of Government Relations, Aaron Green, Director of Political & Community Rels, Curtis Sanchez, Controller

Map  Member Since 2003 


Craig Lawson & Company, LLC
8758 Venice Blvd., Suite 200
Los Angeles CA 90034-3224
(310)838-2400   Fax: (310)838-2424
Mr. Benjamin Fiss, Associate Project Manager
Other Contacts: Mr. Alex Irvine, Associate Project Manager, Mr. Craig Lawson, Owner, Jim Ries, Vice President

Map  Member Since 2010 


Kindel Gagan
550 S. Hope Street, Suite 530
Los Angeles CA 90071
(213)624-1550   Fax: (213)688-1550
Ms. Samantha Martinez, Principal
Other Contacts: Mr. Steve Catalano, Mr. Tom Flintoft, Mr. Michael Gagan, Mr. Patrick Lantz

Map  Member Since 2010 


McConnell Government Relations
801 South Figueroa St. Suite 1050
Los Angeles CA 90017-5507
Jeff McConnell

Map  Member Since 2011 


Urban Solutions LLC
451 S. Main Street, #1003
Los Angeles CA 90013
(213)689-4745   Fax: (213)627-3859
Mr. Morrie Goldman, Owner & Principal

Map  Member Since 2009 

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