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Schmitz & Associates, Inc.
5234 Chesebro Road, Suite 200
Agoura Hills CA 91301
(818)338-3636   Fax: (818)338-3423
Mr. Donald Schmitz, President
Other Contacts: Ms. Stephanie Hawner, Executive Assistant, Ms. Debbie Lewis, Bookkeeper

Map  Member Since 2010 


Shangri La Construction
1801 Avenue of the Stars, Suite 921
Los Angeles CA 90067
(310)553-7700   Fax: (310)553-7707
Mr. Andy Meyers, President & CEO
Other Contacts: Mr. Shane Omar, Vice President, Business Acquisitions, Mr. Patrick Stevens, Assistant to Andy Meyers, Mr. Ben Wahab, Chief Financial Officer

Map  Member Since 2009 


Trammell Crow Company
2049 Century Park East, Suite 2600
Los Angeles CA 90067-3200
(310)226-7450   Fax: (310)407-1656
Mr. Brad Cox, Managing Director
Other Contacts: Mr. Greg Ames, Senior Vice President, Jason Gremillion, Development Mgr., Mr. Ken Katich, Senior Vice President, Mr. Harry Lake, Senior Vice President, Acquisitions, Ms. Karen Shorr, Development Manager, Mr. Philip Tsui, Associate

Map  Member Since 2008 


WALT Construction Corporation
6641 Santa Susana Pass Road
Simi Valley CA 93063
(818)700-1050   Fax: (818)700-9500
Mr. Walter Perez
Other Contacts: Ms. Hazel Esguerra, Project Development, Mr. Kevin Martin, Mr. Walter Vasquez

Map  Member Since 2010 

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